Why I sleep on dirt.


After 20 days spent isolated from the commodities of my daily life, I felt a strong bond to the dirt which had nestled under my fingernails. After weeks of letting the dirt pile on, I found myself standing in the shower, and a bittersweet feeling fell on me like the warm water.

I’m often asked why I enjoy the outdoors, why I love living without walls and why I sleep so soundly when I’m so close to the ground.

I think that during my time in the Alaskan wilderness, I found an answer to this question.

Here it goes:

This land-

Aggressive, immense, impressive,

Belongs to those with blisters on their feet.

This view-

Amazing, colourful, exciting,

is the treasure of those who shiver in the chilled air.

This feeling-

Overwhelming, exhilarating, magnificent,

Lives in those who get drenched by the rain.

This experience is ours because we put up with the dark side of adventure and we submerge ourselves in its beauty.

I believe that the outdoors bring out the best in people, I have seen it happen over and over again. If you let yourself be tamed by the wild instead of trying to tame it, you will find peace. You will find that you are alive.



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