We are living in a world of mass production, where machines are capable of producing practically anything. And yet, there is an increasing interest in learning to do things by hand. From homemade jam and do-it-yourself furniture to shopping in local crafts markets, the value given to what human hands produce alone is becoming greater.

But why?

It could be a way of standing against low quality products made in huge factories. Or perhaps a more humanitarian reason: a reaction to the terrible life conditions men, women and even children have to endure working in such places.

However, I dare to say that there is a much more simple explanation for why handcrafts have not disappeared but rather become more popular and cherished.

That is, the need to CREATE.

Human beings have always had a deep urge to use their hands in order to bring their ideas into reality, allowing creativity to flow freely, creating something beautiful and meaningful. This is the most basic way of expressing oneself.

Living in an age where there is never enough time and where people have stopped wondering about simple things, immersed in a way of life that has become almost automatic, the yearning of handmade things is completely understandable. The fact that humans made something by hand and in a comfortable surrounding, gives value and a certain security that there is quality. In a sense, one can even feel a connection with the person who made it.

It is a way of restoring balance to an otherwise impersonal world.



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