Children and museums


Most people do not enjoy museums. Sure, when travelling they might visit one, or perhaps if a friend asks them to. However, the general public considers them a boring activity. This idea probably originated when they were children. This is the reason why I think it is so important to help kids enjoy museums by guiding them and exploiting their curiosity.

Family- friendly museums, with many interactive elements such as screens and games are becoming increasingly popular. As it is natural, children prefer these spaces where touching is allowed and some of the content is just for them. However, this is not a valid reason to stop going to regular art museums.

In your next visit, if your are going with a child, here are some things to take into account:

1 Plan your visit well. This includes thinking in advance about what would be more attractive for them and the length of the visit.

2 Prepare them. Tell them about what they are going to see.

3 Find out whether there are tours or activities for children. Most museums have an education department with programmes for them.

4 Involve them. Feed the child’s curiosity by making it a discovery. Ask them to look around: what is their favourite piece and why? These simple questions will develop their critical thinking. In a world where so much information is simply handed to us, we forget to question our surroundings.

Often, we see at museums tired children and parents who promise them that they will buy an ice cream if they stay quiet and behave. It is not right to assume that it is a burden for them and that they hate it. Even at en early age, we are capable of appreciating beauty and empathise with other’s feelings.

I am certain of the positive changes that will affect society by simply making the young more aware, more observant of reality.

Art is for everyone.



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