How to love science.

It is in the dampest, coldest and darkest days that I question myself the most.
Thoughts parade through my mind making me question the things I love.
Is it worth it to pursue science? Would I not be better off exploiting my artistic side? Am I missing the natural ability for science?
Hours are passed in this mist of uncertainty. And it is exhausting.

Luckily, it is not very difficult to snap out of it.
Because if this, I have compiled a list of things that remind me of my love of science, and help me remember why I sigh whenever I learn something new or when I take part in an experiment, no matter how simple.

To read when science seems bureaucratic and dull:

  • Focus on a part of your body. Do you know how it works? If the answer is yes, concentrate on the process. If no, look it up in a book or online. Think about the work of those who have made this knowledge available to you. You don’t need fancy equipment to understand your own body at work. Amazing.
  • Look up some cool chemical reactions on the internet. Yes, those BuzzFeed and Cracked posts. Try to understand how the reactions work. Investigate some of the simple theory behind it. Captivating.
  • Think of those very simple concepts that you think that you understand. How well do you actually know them? Are you sure you understand gravity? What causes the changing of the seasons? How does jam making work? No question is silly because all questions take you to discovery. Wow.
  • Watch youtube videos on topics that you don’t think are interesting. You will be surprised. Clever channels such as CrashCourse, Vsauce and ASAP Science are amazing at explaining everyday phenomena. Interesting.
  • Open any news website you enjoy and dive straight into the science section. You can also try IFL science if you are feeling like a lighter read. There are amazing and exciting things happening in the world of science that we don’t always hear about. Fascinating.

Perhaps the most important point to remember is what science really is about:


All the questions that flood you are like your fuel. When you feel like you are running low, release yourself from the bonds of “obvious” knowledge and approach the world as if for the first time. Analyse the pen you hold in your hand as its mechanism was completely foreign. Listen to the rain and try to forget about what you know. Watch nature, watch yourself.

How do things happen? Why do things happen?
And why are you not trying to understand them?

Science can be mindful. It can bring you peace.



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