Time Machine

Mad Men (Season 5)

When watching Mad Men, I put special attention to the furniture they have on the show. I cannot help but be fascinated with Megan and Don’s chic apartment: I want to live in a place just like that. The 60’s were a great time to be alive and the series characterise this very well. It was the time of cultural awakening that led to a revolution of ideas: gender and sexuality, youth, race, education and democracy. What I would give to experience the vibrant atmosphere that transformed the modern world.

Television and cinema are the best way we have of taking a look at the past as if it were a window. If feels more real than a painting or a book.

Humans are deeply drawn to the past. We often think that we belong to another time, or maybe are curious about how a certain event happened. Perhaps you are oddly interested in furniture, a specific battle or a scientific breakthrough. Sometimes we simply think that our generation is rotten and that yesterday’s grass was greener.

If you had access to a time machine, where would you go? Or rather, when?

Here is simple advice for planning the trip:

-Decide if you are comfortable in a place where there is little personal hygiene. Sure, the Middle Ages seem interesting but what about the smell?

-If you belong to a minority, unfortunately you might not be treated like a normal person. For instance, being gay was illegal until not so long ago.

-Consider fashion. Would you agree to wear tights and a heavy wig when visiting France before the revolution?

-Blend in. Remember that before the industrial revolution, there was not much movement and cities were rather small. This means that strangers were regarded as intruders. People did not welcome anything that took them out of their routine: it was scary.

-Always choose a place and time that makes you happy and excites you.

Happy traveling!



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