This article might kill you


We live in a scary world.
I go out into the street and I don’t know if I will make it back home alive.
Dangers await around every corner, ready to take my young life away from me.
To think of all the things that could kill me keeps me awake at night with nightmares, terrifying things such as water, cherries and even my flip flops. And I worry, because if I don’t get to sleep soon, I might die from not sleeping.

It seems that every day we add more items to the never ending list of things that could kill us.
And yet, average life expectancy through out the world is only increasing.
Had I been born two centuries ago, I would have a life expectancy of 30 years, half of the world average life expectancy according to Our World in Data.

Could it be that making this extensive list of risks help us avoid them?
Perhaps that is why we are living longer these days, we know of the evils that loom in things that we considered harmless.
Well, not really.

Although a lot of things that we didn’t suspect to be bad for us ended up being quite deadly (like asbestos or cigarettes), all those articles that advertise the danger in daily life things will not help you become healthier or prolong your life.

These news that this or that might kill you aren’t completely wrong. It is true that a lot of things can kill you.
It is amazing how we underestimate the real dangers and how much we are scared by those more irrational ones.
A good example is the difference between how many people die in car accidents (1.3 million) and how many people are killed by sharks (approx 5) each year.

So maybe it’s true that drinking water can kill you, or that maybe if you wear flip flops then somehow that will lead to your death.
But is it likely enough to kill you? Is it worth getting worried about?

I don’t know about you, but maybe I don’t want to live worrying about what threats are just around the corner, because I might just end up walking into a more obvious danger because I was too distracted thinking about how gluten might just kill me.



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