Counting sheep


I’ve recently noticed that as I settle into my bed and get ready to drift off to sleep, I no longer count sheep.
Instead, I have caught myself counting ideas and questions- listing the things that I hope to understand better.
Some quite trivial, some quite deep; I revisit these concepts over and over in search for answers or some insight into why I think about them or what they mean.

Hoping to get some quality rest at night, I will attempt to resolve these ideas in my posts these coming weeks.
Here is an introduction to the things that keep me up at night and eventually send me to sleep:

1. What is that Lub-dub sound?: As I try to fall asleep at night, I can hear my heart pumping and it makes me wonder about the little quirks that maintain me alive. This involuntary beat is one of the many things that my body does to keep me alive and maintain my mind working. But isn’t my mind a part of my body too? That leads me to my next question-

2. Where is my mind?: I don’t mean that I’m very distracted (although I am) I literally mean: where is my mind located? Where do these thoughts take place? Is consciousness physical or is it just a metaphorical way of grouping our cognitive abilities?

3. Why is this place so messy?: Now, I’ve always been absolutely disorganised and messy. So when recently in a chemistry lesson I learnt that disorder is the natural state of the universe, I was delighted. Of course it turned out to be that it wasn’t a good way to excuse the messy area I live and work in, but entropy did turn out to be an interesting concept which still makes me wonder late at night…

4. If I stay up another 15 minutes, how will my life change?: Well for one I may be more tired in the morning, but that doesn’t seem like a huge impact on my life. However, learning about chaos theory has changed my perception of small things and the possibility of them having huge impacts.

5. What’s the difference between 15 minutes and 30 for that matter?: Yes, I know there is a difference between them and I can tell that one lasts longer than the other, but the concept of time is a strange one. How did it originate? what does it mean?

The list could continue for miles, but these are the questions that I have had in my mind long enough to mature and that I feel most ready to seek answers to. This way, I’ll have more space for different questions to arise and keep me awake at night…

Or maybe I’ll finally be able to get some sleep.



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