Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 11.08.11

I tried to paint
the scent of your jumper
Tried to sculpt
the colour of the sky
but failed

So do not ask me
to explain the way I’m feeling
Or I might disappoint there too

You do not hold a breeze
in your hand
you cannot turn a moment into stone
Don’t expect me to transform
buzzing emotion into
simple words

Blind balance is not my strong suit
I may need to get used to the current
maybe if we both swim
together we might stay afloat
lest tiredness drags us both

If I can’t feel the spicy taste
of ginger in the stroke of
one of my fingers
If I can’t weave a carpet
using just my eyes
well I can’t explain how I feel
and maybe I shouldn’t try.



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