Weeping- Edvard Munch (1913)

With a physical wound, sometimes even the lightest finger stroke over the damaged area is enough to make you shiver. Your senses sharpen in order to protect you. The injury can be felt at all times: walking, sitting down and even sleeping.

This is not at all different from an emotional wound.

If you have ever experienced a broken heart, a loss of a close friend or a broken soul due to depression, you will know this is true. No matter how hard your friends try to distract you, you still feel this pressure against your chest, an uncontrollable pain that makes your spirit crash. Emotional pain is real pain. Just like with physical pain, you cannot just “try to think about something else” and “get over it”. Sensitivity increases in order for you to take care of yourself and become more aware.

Pain awakens and sharpens the senses. You feel more deeply. When being hurt and feeling extremely vulnerable, nothing is more appealing than either staying at home and turning your back to the world, or keeping extremely busy in order to avoid time alone to think and feel.


Instead, how about focusing the increased sensitivity to explore your creative side? If pain means a deeper and more intense connection with the world through sensorial experience, make the most of it: taste, smell, listen, touch, feel. Look out for new things. Remember that many of the great masterpieces of art and music were produced due to a personal crisis.

You’ll never feel more alive that when you are hurt.

Embrace the pain.



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