15 Minutes


Would it make a difference if I stay up for 15 more minutes?

I might close my eyes and conjure sleep, but my mum always said that sleep is like a dove, you have to remain calm and give it a reason to trust you.

Stop wriggling about in bed or those 15 minutes will soon turn into 30 minutes.

But then again, what difference does it make? 15 or 30 minutes are all the same when you’re chasing doves away.

Before you know it, the plushest bed has become a prison and your idleness sits trapped and locked into your skin. Stick your leg out of the covers and a demon might snatch it.

It’s funny how when you’re younger you are told that nightmares will fade away but there are some fears that you can’t shake with a promise, so you ask your parents to stay with you a little longer.

Well now you’re promising away THEIR fears as you bid farewell to their superhero capes. They got caught in the wind while you looked away but there’s no point in chasing them because before you can pick up a sprint, your stillness has attracted that dove you’d called up and you don’t know it, but you’re asleep.

Or maybe you’re dead. You’d never know the difference because as soon as you know it, you’re safe and condemned to keep on living.

None of this matters anyway because it will all be gone in the morning and the 15 minutes made no difference to your life.
Unless maybe…



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