Being a part of the view


I often forget how exhilarating camping can be.

When you pack as little as possible that you forget to bring your worries with you- paperwork that would get soggy in the rain is best left at home.

But bring your spirit, nothing will keep a canoe afloat as well as that gasp you let out when you realise that you are surrounded by purity.

As you get soaked by rain, you wish for a second that you could be confined by walls, only to realise that with dirt caked under your nails and soil stuck to the droplets on your skin, you’ve never felt so cleansed.

Surely you could spare yourself the shivers and the blisters and the windburn, comfortably watching the outdoors unfurl from a wide window by a cozy bed.

The way I see it, who would want to be a tourist when you could be part of the view?

You don’t need to seek a connection with nature when you are part of it, you don’t need to do anything but step in. You are made of the very things that have sculpted this landscape, this is your home, however hostile it might seem at first.

You’re not an outsider here, so step into the picture. Step into your boots and step into the discomfort of forgetting your worries.

Living nestled in stress can become strangely comfortable, putting it aside can be disconcerting, giving yourself so much space for thoughts can drive you crazy.

Crazy isn’t always that bad though. Let your head spin with ideas and take a breath of the very air that gives new life to trees after the winter. You need some spring rebirth yourself.

So become a part of the picture you are about to take from the outside.
And see yourself drenched by the rain.
See yourself shivering,
see yourself rising and falling with the sun.

Become part of the beautiful sight you admire, don’t let the discomfort of beauty fool you.



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