Yesterday, I met a man with no curiosity. He said he dreaded globalisation and could not understand what was so great about cultural exchange. Traveling was of no interest to him: he went to Italy once, but he did not care for it. He described his happiness as having a simple life, cultivating vegetables and living from the land, curling up safely in the routine. My astonishment was beyond words, as I knew him to be smart and well- read, a very nice and sociable individual. In my head, I had trouble pairing up these traits with someone with no desire for novelty whatsoever.

For me, curiosity is an intense craving for knowledge. It is a thirst of understanding reality better by seeking to unveil the unknown. It is about moving around with an urge to learn and experience, finding out that life is much more complex and rich that one once imagined. It is an adventure. And in this path of discovery is where I find happiness.

My sister and I enjoy discussing our discoveries with each other. So much so that we started this blog a year ago in order to share these fruits of our curiosity with others.

Curiosity is a gift. One that not everyone possesses and for that I am extremely grateful. Perhaps I had been taking it for granted. Thank you, man with no curiosity, for reminding me of this.



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