I stand tall today and underneath my feet, a tower of failures.
Every misstep, every amplified blunder, every fruitless attempt, every rejection.

The most successful people aren’t necessarily those who have failed the least, but rather those who have turned their failures into a paradigm shift.

Those failures pile up underneath your feet the moment you turn them into fuel to change what you’re doing.

This is not meant to be an inspirational post- a lighthearted piece of reassurance that failure is an amazing experience, because it’s not.


It is debilitating and frustrating and terrifying.

But time doesn’t stop for anybody, and time keeps driving you forward.
Before you realise it you find yourself in a blossoming future where your failure became fertiliser for your happiness.

All the things that make you joyous today rest heavily upon your past failures and mistakes, for the present you live in this minute is not possible without the rotten things you have left behind.

Take that dreadful feeling within you and use it to propel you forward, to carry on.

Build a tower underneath your feet using your failures and you might reach higher than if you only build yourself up on successes.


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