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Polaroid CUBE

He thought about the future very often. Maybe too often, but he couldn’t be sure that he was outstanding in this because he could not access other people’s thoughts and use them as comparison.

The digested words offered to him were no use. He yearned for raw, intangible electricity.

And before he realised it, he had distanced himself from his friends because he couldn’t read their thoughts or make them read his. This disconnection was not physical or immediate. He would happily rest in the same room as them and exchange trivialities, but he could not detect the vibrations that made their matter buzz, so he would often fly far away while remaining in that exact space.

All of this disconnection lead him to believe that he was incredibly privileged, lucky to be the owner of this additional dimension above his mind that no other could access or experience, and while he sat there disconnected from the rest, he ignored that maybe, others underwent the same process.
That the friends whose frequency he failed to tune into maybe also lived in their minds wondering if they could ever feel that electricity that buzzed in others.

And while he thought about the future in a room full of disconnected organic machines, the future reached him. A future for which he couldn’t prepare for by simply fantasising.


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