Perhaps most of us have, at some point in out lives, been annoyed by a 6- year old who asked too many questions. Why this, why that. But really, why? Why are we so irritated by questions? Is reality that obvious?

Approaching reality as an innocent child is not only fun but also necessary for appreciating beauty and valuing others. Nothing is evident. Don’t be afraid to ask too many questions. Do you actually know how does blood circulate your body or why is the sky blue or how movies are done?

Curiosity makes you strong, not weak. An inquisitive child who is encouraged will probably by a perceptive adult who enjoys the little things. Adults with many questions often find many answers.

Keep learning. Keep asking.





Lucio Fontana- Concetto Spaziale, 1966

In a world so motivated by the quest for power, dividing everything into winners or losers, it sure is quite surprising that love remains such a strong concept for our own happiness.

Love is about losing. Losing power. Ultimately, it is about losing to another person and admitting that you, by your own autonomous self, cannot be complete without them. 

There is no use in arguing that today, after the sexual revolution and our strong dependance on social media, love is no longer as important. It is evident in most movies and songs and books that love is still a big necessity.

Love is a power play where you actually want to lose. The rush of adrenaline one feels with the vulnerability of love is almost addictive. Perhaps us humans like losing. It is through losing that one makes art.