About the blog:

There seems to be an awful separation between the arts and the sciences in modern culture.  As two sisters who share different passions, we have come to realise that there are many common points between disciplines and we enjoy sharing with each other our knowledge about the world as we try to come closer to understanding the “whys”, “whats” and “hows” of our lives.

About ourselves, we know multiple things:

  • We know that our names are  Ana and Teresa, and that we grew up sharing many interests but also constantly diverging.
  • We are terrified of being cliché, we aspire to be original and to find our own learning paths. Nevertheless, we frequently realise that repetition is a part of human nature, and we can not always escape from it, so we try to learn from it.
  • We have grown up surrounded by books, inspired by language and engaged in gripping conversations, so we love sharing ideas and helping them grow.
  • We dislike the segregation of different passions in life; we believe that the sciences and the arts are more similar than often believed. We enjoy making links between both.
  • We are curious individuals who look at the unknown with hungry eyes and minds.

However, there are also things we do not know about ourselves. We hope that you will join us as we try to make sense of the things we don’t know about ourselves, and if you have any clues, help point us in the right direction towards a better understanding of the world.



One thought on “About.

  1. Fernanda Díez says:

    Me parece extraordinaria la idea—y la ejecución—de su blog. Como “fellow outsider,” me pongo de pie y les aplaudo. A veces creo—erróneamente—que estoy sola; luego me encuentro con cosas como éstas y me doy cuenta que—aunque son pocas—hay personas muy (MUY) valiosas allá afuera. No dejen nunca de pensar, de sentir y de cuestionar su existencia.

    -Fer Díez

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