I enjoy looking out windows, staring at the ceiling, thinking. Sometimes, when I walk down corridors I bump into walls because my “mind is elsewhere”. These behaviours make me wonder about the inner workings of the fantastic biological machine I inhabit. How are these words stored in my head? Where do my thoughts get processed? What does it mean to be conscious? How come I ignore so much about myself?

These are the type of questions I hope to find answers to, or at least hypotheses, as I carry on through life. I will try to explore my curiosity intelligently and record it all here.

I was born 4 years after Ana, and although I lack her sophistication and her voracious appetite for books,  I share with her  intense curiosity and her interest in the world. We happen to take different approaches to the discovery of the world.This blog, like the corpus callosum in the brain, will connect our interests flexibly, we hope.


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